Fire Training & Fire Drill programs are conducted for Offices, Factories, Schools, Colleges, Residential Apartments, etc. This program is designed to inform the participant of the correct procedures to follow when tackling a fire and of those limited circumstances in which they should do so.


  • Increase their knowledge of Workplace Risk Prevention
  • Train the student how to tackle a fire.
  • Improve the individual’s reaction to a fire
  • Train the student on Evacuation


  • Chemistry of Fire
  • Fire risks at Homes / Offices / Factories / Hotels / Malls
  • Fire Prevention
  • Classes of Fire
  • Stages of Fire
  • Different types of Fire Extinguishers
  • How to use Fire Extinguishers
  • Stages of Fire Safety
  • Fire Protection System in your building
  • Detection
  • Fire Fighting
  • What to do when fire strikes
  • What to do if a person is on fire
  • How to avoid asphyxiation
  • Fire Warden’s Duties
  • Evacuation Process
  • Assembly Point
  • Roll Call
  • Live Demo (Using portable Fire Extinguishers)

The Fire Training & Live Demo will be for a period of 120-150 minutes and the Fire Drill will be for a period of 45mins. The Fire Training can be done for a batch of 25 – 30 participants

The Fire Training will be done ahead of the Fire Drill. The Fire Wardens or Safety Committee members (short listed by you) will be trained by us on basics of fire fighting and on Fire Drill. They in turn will brief their Department staff on the Fire Drill.

The time of the Fire Drill will be announced well in advance to the employees so that they are prepared for the Fire Drill (This is required for the first time the Fire Drill is conducted. Subsequently after 3-6 months, when the Fire Drill is repeated, the employees need not be informed in advance).

The objective of the Fire Drill is to ensure that the Building is evacuated in an orderly fashion within 4 minutes. As you keep conducting the Fire Drill regularly, the employees stay prepared to face the emergency.

Trainer’s Profile:

Khaleel Rehman: Has an experience of over 20 years in Softskills training and Fire Training in different parts of India. He spent over 12 years with Ceasefire India Limited, one of the top Fire Protection companies in India.

He specializes in providing Fire Safety Training (Clients include Factories, Software, BPO and Insurance companies, a prominent one being IBRD, more famously known as the World Bank)

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